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“…I’ve reviewed a lot of architects work over the past twenty years and few sets of CD’s are as handsome as these. Perhaps it shouldn’t go without saying, either, that the designs are quite nice, too. Not all architects and designers receive my well-intentioned two cents in the spirit in which they are intended, but Jason seems to manage to rework things in a way that produces excellent results…”

– Mike Watkins, Town Architect for Norton Commons – Louisville, KY

“…In the realm of architectural design, I believe raw intuition and understanding of form, space, order, proportion, sequence and rhythm have the ability to blossom only under a certain fervor. Jason exhibits this fervor and embraces every aspect of what is required of an excellent architect.  The execution of his work is always fervent and professional…”

– Chip Hackley, Principal, Hackley & Associates Architects – Kenilworth, IL